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Dolnośląska Biblioteka Publiczna
im. Tadeusza Mikulskiego we Wrocławiu
50-116 Wrocław, Rynek 58
tel: 71 33 52 200 (main number)
fax :71 34-41-808          
NIP (Tax Identification Number): 896-10-00-123
The Lower Silesian Public Library in Wrocław, named after Tadeusz Mikulski, is a cultural institution of regional importance run by the Local Government of Lower Silesian Voivodeship. It serves the community, but also provides substantial support for smaller public libraries in Lower Silesia. Apart from stocking a vast selection of books, magazines, regional documents, music and movies, the library also plays host to a wide range of cultural events, the majority of which are aimed at small children (e.g. the Baby Development Class, the Toddler Development Class), school kids (especially the World Library) and intergenerational integration. There are also many projects for adults (including for the elderly), e.g. themed Book Clubs and hobby groups, as well as  authors’ conferences, lectures and large-scale events promoting literature, reading and regional knowledge, such as the Lower Silesian Publishing House “Silesiana”, the Library Book Market, “Crime Week” and “Horror Day”.
The Lower Silesian Public Library has forged a profile designed to satisfy a common need – to be more open to the world. A few special agendas have been created especially to promote the cultures of other countries, e.g. the German Library, the “American Corner” Centre for Culture and Information, the “Romance Library” Centre for Culture and Information and the Korean Library, which are suitably equipped with unique book and audiovisual collections, magazine sets, databases and modern technology. All of the above are supplemented by numerous initiatives and multicultural events – European Language Week, Lower Silesian Young Readers’ and Authors’ Meetings, and “On the road with books” talks organised during  meetings of the “Globetrotter” Travel Book Club  and many more.
The library is equipped with a great deal of modern technology  – it boasts 140 computers, many high quality reprographic and rendering devices, text readers, and a fully automated ALEPH library system – thanks to which the library is able to provide electronic services. Readers can, using their own computers or those in the library, order or make reservations for certain books or prolong them online. They can also browse through the electronic library catalogues and themed databases. The Library offers a wide range of electronic popular science books called “IBUKs” as well as an extremely  interesting selection of materials  on Lower Silesia originating from many regional libraries and which have been digitalised on the freely available “Digital Lower Silesia” platform.
The Lower Silesian Public Library constantly shows new art exhibitions, mostly in the “Gallery Under the Plafond” and the “Traveller’s Gallery”, which focuses on children’s works. What’s more, the library also hosts frequent book, photography and documents exhibitions organised by the other departments of the Library.
The wide range of services, collections and events described above are aimed at promoting multiculturalism and an openness to society’s needs. As such they reflect the Lower Silesian Public Library’s overriding mission, expressed in the following words: