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  1. Lower Silesian Public Library’s resources and services are open to everyone.
  2. In order to use the Library’s resources and services, you must possess a library card. The card is not transferable. The library card authorizes you to borrow materials from all the Library’s collections and to the use of all services and devices available.
  3. All users are obliged to leave their outer garments, as well as bags, briefcases, backpacks, large packages, etc. in the coatroom. The use of coatroom is free of charge.
  4. Conducting commercial activity is prohibited in any part of the Library premises. It is also forbidden to hand out, stick or leave leaflets and other advertising materials without permission.
  5. Fees for loss, damage or destroying the library materials are regulated by the Regulation of the Director of the Lower Silesian Public Library No. 11/2007.
  6. The Library is not responsible for any items left on site.
  7. There is a voluntary reading fund in the Library, all of which is intended for purchase of new items.
  1. Becoming a member of the Library is free of charge.
  2. In order to become a member of Lower Silesian Public Library, you should have a valid document confirming your identity and sign the reader’s obligation to abide by the Library’s regulations.
  3. Minors shall be registered by a legal guardian.
  4.  If your card has been lost or destroyed, you can get a new one for PLN 10 charge.
  5. If the card is worn due to its long-term use or if the name has changed, the reader is entitled to a free card replacement.
  6. If the library card is returned by the reader, the Library will not refund the fee charged for its issue.
  7. The reader is obliged to report the change of surname or place of residence.
  8. The reader’s account is valid for one year after setting it. After this time, each member is asked to update their personal data.
  1. Users are entitled to borrow no more than 6 items in each department, excluding items accessible for reference. The total number of loans in the Library may not exceed 20 items.
  2. Books, sheet music, audiobooks, compact cassettes, gramophone records and foreign language courses on CD-ROMs can be borrowed for the period of one month.
  3. CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and Playway editions can be borrowed for the period of 7 days.
  4. In the Reading Room, books published before 1951 are accessible only on site.
  5. The due date of your loan may be extended twice.
  6. The due date of your loan cannot be extended in the case when borrowed items are required by another person.
  7. You can extend the due date of your loan in person in the Library, by phone, by email or via the internet (to enter reader’s account, visit the main catalogue site: www.dzb.pl)
  8. Fines are charged for late return:
  1. PLN 0.15 per day on items such as books, audibooks, compact cassetes, gramophone records and foreign language courses on CD-ROMs.
  2. PLN 1 per day on items such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and Playway editions.
  3. To the fines referred to in point “a” and “b” the overdue notice shipping cost will be added.
  1.  Readers under the age of 16 are not charged in any of the library departments.
  2. If the Library is closed on due date of user’s loan, the user is obliged to return borrowed items on the first work day following that day. Each subsequent day, excluding the closing days of the Library, is included in the penalty fee.
  3. If the total amount of fines for overdue materials exceeds PLN 5, the reader's account will be blocked, as well as access to all library services.
  4. User regains access to library services only after settlement of all obligations towards Library.
  5. If the user provided their email address during registration procedure, the Library sends a reminder before due date. However, such notifications are of an auxiliary and informative nature, and their failure to deliver to the user does not constitute the basis for lowering or cancelling the fine for overdue materials.
  6. The Library reserves the right to make entry in the National Register of Debts for those readers who do not settle fines for overdue, lost, damaged or destroyed materials within the prescribed time limit. The Library also reserves the right to pursue its claims against them in court.
  7. The user can order library materials by email. The number of orders directed to one department may not exceed 6, and the maximum number of orders – 20.
  8. It is possible to order up to 6 items in each department of the Library. You can order both the borrowed materials and items currently located on the shelves.
  9. Ordered items must be picked up within 3 days. After this date, the order expires.
  10. The user receives a notification about the date of receipt of the ordered items on their own reader’s account or by email (if they provided their email address).
  11. The Library's catalogue is available at www.dzb.pl. The reader's account contains information about current loans, orders and penalties, and enables ordering of items.
  1. There are separate and specially marked collections in the library departments intended only for reference.
  2. In order to get access to materials for reference, you will be asked to leave the library card with the librarian on duty.
  3. Selected library materials should be submitted, and after the use – given back to the librarian on duty. Readers must not put them down on the shelf by themselves.
  4. Materials held in the library storage facility are available in the Reading Room after placing an order.
  5. The reader can use the ordered items for several days after reporting that need to the librarian.
  6. 10 minutes to the Library’s closing time, processing orders placed for stored materials is finished. Orders placed after this time will be processed the next day.
  7. The collections available for reference can be photocopied, with the exception of books and periodicals published before 1951, and periodicals with the signature “C”, issued before 1971.
  8. Orders for items from Ephemera Collection are processed by 15.00. Orders placed after this time will be processed the next day.
  1. Ebook readers are lent in the Multimedia Library.
  2. Only readers over 18 years old, having a library card in Lower Public Silesian Library in Wrocław, may take advantage of the ebook reader loan service.
  3. The user may borrow only one ebook reader for a period of one month, with the possibility of one-time extension of the due date for another month, unless it was ordered by another user.
  4. Due date of your loan can be extended at the latest on the ebook return day.
  5. Keeping the ebook past its due date is charged PLN 1 per day.
  6. When borrowing the ebook reader, the user is obliged to provide their ID card and sign the declaration.
  7. The Library user may place an order for ebook reader using the www.dzb.pl website. Information about the status of the order is available on an ongoing basis on the reader's account in the above-mentioned website.
  8. The ordered ebook reader should be collected within 3 days; after this date it is available to all users.
  9. Before returning the reader, the user is obliged to remove all files uploaded by them and return the device in the same condition as borrowed.
  10. The library is not responsible for copyrights to the materials used on the ebook readers by users.
  1. The rules for the interlibrary loan service are regulated by separate Regulations.
  1. At the request of the reader, employees of the Information Department prepare compilations of references based on Library’s resources or other thematic compilations and databases. The printout of the compilation is payable.
  2. At the written request of the institution, thematic search queries are performed. Search queries for individual readers are only carried out when the distance of the place of residence or state of health prevents the reader from having direct access to the Library's collections. In other cases, only a reference compilation is made on a specific topic.
  1. Readers up to 16 years of age can use computer stations and the internet only in the Children’s Department.
  2. Readers may use the internet in the Library for one hour per day.
  3. The user occupies a computer station indicated by the librarian on duty. They use a computer on their own.
  4. The Library staff have the right to control the activities performed by the user at the computer and the content of browsed pages.
  5. Users are not allowed to keep their own files on the assigned computer. Any imported data will be deleted.
  6. Any attempts to enter obscene or offensive websites that propagate violence, offend other people's feelings (e.g. of a racist nature), are registered in the system in a way that allows the identification of individuals making such attempts.
  7. It is prohibited to install the software and to make changes in the configuration of the software installed on the computer local disk.
  8. The reader shall finish work at the computer 10 minutes before the closing time.
  9. The Library staff has the right to immediately terminate the session if there is a suspicion that the user performs actions inconsistent with the Regulations.
  10. The user may use a paid service in the scope of scanning and printing. Charges in this respect are paid to the librarian on duty.
  11. The payment rules are set out in the price list introduced by the Director of Lower Silesian Public Library in Wrocław.
  1. Any complaints and requests regarding the Library can be submitted to the Library's administrative office from Monday to Friday, 9:00–15:00.
  2. The user is obliged to respect the property of the Library, to follow the principles of good manners, to respect the rights of other users as well as their needs and privacy.
  3. Readers may be deprived of the right to use the Library in the following cases:
  • they do not abide by rules expressed in the Library’s regulations,
  • do not respect the norms and rules of conduct in public places in a way that can be seen as an insult to human dignity of employees and library users or limits their right to use the Library services or to perform professional duties freely,
  • they do not maintain personal hygiene at the basic level,
  • their behaviour may be a threat to the safety and life of other users and library employees.
  1. The decision in this matter is made by the Director of Lower Silesian Public Library.
  2. The decision on other matters, not regulated by the provisions of the Regulations, falls within the competence of the Director of Lower Silesian Public Library.
  3. The reader has the right to appeal against this decision to the Marshal's Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodship in Wrocław, Wybrzeże Słowackiego 12–14.
Regulations were introduced by Regulation No. 1/2015 of 16/01/2015.
Regulations have been effective as of January 19, 2015.