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Genealogy and Local History Section
joint with Asia and  Oceania Section
and Information Technology Section
​​invites to an Open Session:

“New insights at the intersection of genealogy
and other professional communities”

Monday 21 August 2017, from 10.00-18.00
at Lower Silesian Public Library
(Dolnoslaska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Tadeusza Mikulskiego)
​Wroclaw, ul. Rynek 58 (The Old City)

For the full program, follow the link: Session

The morning session will include presentations and group discussions exploring a range of projects and collaborative work centered on the creation, uses, and interpretation of historical collections - with six speakers from Serbia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Malta, Benin and Hong Kong addressing the topic.


In the afternoon, we welcome lecturer Daniel Horowitz who will on the opportunities afforded by new techniques in DNA matching, followed by an overview of the resources available via the genealogy database MyHeritage.


In addition, we would like to announce the Belarus Special Session dedicated to the 500th Anniversary of Belarussian book-printing.


Registration completed
There is no registration fee, but because the number of seats is limited, we would like you to register HERE >>.

Satellite Meeting - Vilnius, 16-17 August 2017
Theme: “The Challenge of Multiple identities. Multiethnicity in Genealogy, Local History and Regional Memory - Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries and other Memory Institutions”
For the Call for papers and the full Program, follow the link: