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Genealogy and Local History Section
joint with Asia and  Oceania Section
and Information Technology Section
​​invites to an Open Session:

“New insights at the intersection of genealogy
and other professional communities”

Monday 21 August 2017, from 10.00-13.00
at Lower Silesian Public Library
(Dolnoslaska Biblioteka Publiczna im. Tadeusza Mikulskiego)
​Wroclaw, ul. Rynek 58 (The Old City)

For the full program, follow the link: Session

“New insights at the intersection of genealogy and other professional communities - including librarians, archivists, historians, demographers, linguists, anthropologists and geneticists.

The activities of these communities tend to overlap through their work with the same sets of historical documents. Modern society presupposes cooperation between different sectors and today’s users expect our libraries, archives, and other institutions with genealogical collections to reflect this. These organizations cannot remain closed and introvert, but need to combine their specialized and inward-directed work with inter-institutional and cross-disciplinary activities. In other words: hybridization.

The session welcomes papers that discuss:
– Innovative programming and use of historical and genealogical collections
– Intergenerational approaches to programming and outreach
– Integration of genealogical materials and research into school curricula
– Collaborative work with historical and genealogical societies
– Harnessing the energy of volunteers
– Genetic genealogy and the promise of DNA

We encourage evidence based practice and invite presentations and analysis of projects which can be of practical value to others. Submissions in other formats than academic papers (reports, essays) are welcome.

Participants are encouraged to discuss both successes and failures in their papers. For the full text regarding requirements for submitting the presentation etc., please follow the link to the Call for Papers IFLA 2017 >>.
There is no registration fee, but because the number of seats is limited, we would like you to register HERE >>.

Satellite Meeting - Vilnius, 15-17 August 2017
Theme: “The Challenge of Multiple identities. Multiethnicity in Genealogy, Local History and Regional Memory - Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries and other Memory Institutions”
For the Call for papers and the full Program, follow the link: